May 2023 50/50 Match Brief - Dave Brosha

 "Our bravest and best lessons are not learned through success, but through misadventure." 

~ Amos Bronson Alcott

“Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.” 

~Ben Okri

“We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents.” ~Bob Ross

MATCH BRIEF - May 2023

The Extreme Perfection of Happy Accidents

Certain photographers go to extremes - extreme heights, extreme depths, extreme weather, extreme distances - in pursuit of the perfect photo, but things don’t always go according to plan. Canada’s own Dave Brosha, our Guest Judge for the May 2023 Match Brief, has literally written the book on this subject. In his own words, “A misadventure, at its heart, is what happens when you set out, confidently, in one direction and life says, ‘No way, hold up, not so fast.’”

If you’re the type to get easily embarrassed, the worst that happens is a bruised ego, but even when things go so sideways there’s lost or damaged equipment, personal injury, and an investment of time and capital that didn’t result in the “money shot” you planned for, it’s these glorious mishaps that teach us the most about ourselves not just as creative professionals but as humans.

This month, while you are welcome to go on a wild new adventure, the Challenge is to submit an image captured during your own (mis)adventures, along with the story behind it. Dave’s book The Art of Misadventure: The Outtakes and Mistakes Of An Adventurous Photographer, believes stories are the threads that, when woven with those of others, connect us to one another. He grew up loving a good adventure story and wants to see the shot you got (or almost got) after taking a wrong turn and ending up someplace unexpected, forgetting your favourite lens and having to make do, or unintentionally using the “wrong” camera settings only to discover you created something incredible, absurd, bizarre, beautiful…

Your submission must include 1) any subject in nature (human, wildlife, nature itself), 2) be a compelling image based on its own merits, whether artistic, funny, or fantastic, and 3) be accompanied by the story (or stories!) of misadventure leading up to the photo.

Challengers, you have until 11:59pm MST May 21, 2023 to submit your entry. Whether you embark on a crazy new adventure, or ultimately end up submitting an image you’ve previously taken, we encourage you to get out and sink your creative teeth into this month’s Challenge!


Technical: (all bets are off…)

Creative: storytelling, nature,

EDI: human connection, common threads, humility


Images for the Winner and two (2) Runners Up will be selected based on review of both Artist’s Statement and Technical Merit. The top three images will be scored based on Hit Factor (how well the image met the brief) and Power Factor (technical prowess, regardless of the equipment you’re using) and provided with a detailed written or oral (delivered via Zoom or similar platform) Critique from the Guest Judge.


Please note that if there are humans other than yourself with visible faces in your images you will need to include a Model Release.



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