Say hello to Teri Hofford, February 2023's Guest Judge

Rare Earth Outreach is over the moon to have Guest Judge Teri Hofford on board for the February 2023 50/50 Challenge. We encourage you to spend the next couple of days getting to know about this body image educator, photographer, and author dedicated to helping people navigate the squidgy feelings that get in the way of living this one, glorious life before the match Brief drops on February 1st, 2023.

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What's the best (or worst) advice you've ever gotten?

There are 3 things you should do when preparing to start a business: 1) Go to therapy - your personal beliefs will impact your bottom line/work ethic 2) Do a cost of doing business - figure out at minimum how much you need to charge to build a sustainable life and 3)Plan your exit strategy at the same time - do you want to do this forever? What happens if you can't? Do you want to build it in a way to sell it? To walk away from it? etc.

What was the last piece of equipment your bought or class you attended?

The last class I attended was Sue Bryce's Self Value course!

What is your most or how do you deal with your most challenging professional struggle? (Digital hoarding, perfectionism/over-thinking, time management, etc.)

Acting before thinking - I now go through a series of processes since understanding WHY I act before thinking. This involves running it through with my VA, never saying yes to anything right away and giving myself 24+ hours to think about it, and writing things out and paying attention to how they actually feel in my body.

If there was one thing you could change about the industry or an insider secret you think shouldn't be a secret, what would that be?

I think more educators need to start showing diverse bodies in their educational materials for there to be any change in the representation of bodies in the photography industry. It starts at the top. If you are teaching lighting - you don't necessarily need a model that fits the Eurocentric beauty standards. If you are teaching beauty shots and posing - you don't need the same models time and time again. Actually get creative and let's start to see bodies being represented at all levels and not make it about their bodies. IE. Don't say "Lighting curvy bodies" just saying "Lighting" and use diverse bodies. Doing says more than Saying.

What do you do to remain grounded, connected, balanced, and/or centred when life feels overwhelming?

I take 3 days away from the internet and rent a cabin preferably in nature. I will take a notebook, a pen, a few books, and delicious food and that's it. This helps me stay connected to myself. I've also just started to recognize the benefit of a consistent morning routine to optimize the day!

What is something you haven't done or tried yet, either as a personal or professional goal, that you hope to achieve in the next year?

I would like to save $500,000 in the next 5 years - SAVE being the keyword haha!

Who do you admire (professionally or personally), and why? Please feel free to include a link to their social media platform(s), an article or book they've written you'd like to recommend, etc.

I admire anyone who pushes boundaries in a way that progresses humanity. It's hard freakin work and comes with a lot of sacrifice with very little pay off - but these folks show up and just trust that it will make a difference.

When and how did you know (or suspect) that you had found your calling as a creative?

Well, I thought I had found it as a photographer - but I realized about 3-4 years in that my creativity is not limited to one medium and so I think my calling changes as my medium changes, but the purpose is always the same: to help folks get closer to and accepting of their authentic selves.

Do you have any advice to give (or that you wish someone else could give you) about maintaining work/life balance?

oooh boy, do I! As someone who experienced burnout + depression due to work overload (as a result of NOT going to therapy or learning about what makes me over work and set little boundaries) Work on yourself. Understand why you undercharge, say yes to everything, have a hard time with boundaries, dislike talking about money, need work to validate your worth, etc. Find the root and start the healing process - it becomes easier to create a strategy to allow your work to not become your whole identity.

If "Today" you could go back and tell "Last Year" (or Month or Week) you something, what would it be?

Just hang tight - it will all make sense soon enough.


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