December 2022 Match Brief - Life in the Slow Lane with Guest Judge Viktoria Haack


“His knowledge of place was the kind that lives in the body and ripens to understanding only with time. As he walked along the mountain's whispering flanks, the pines became his bones, the summer wind, his breath, and his boots, the grizzly's step. Gradually and finally, over the years, demarcation between man and land faded away.” ~excerpt from, “Talking With Bears: Conversations with Charlie Russell” by G A Bradshaw


Life in the Slow Lane with Viktoria Haack

Prior to the pandemic, people accustomed to (or obsessed with) instant gratification found the idea of slowing down foreign if not terrifying. Unable to carry on with busy-ness, people downshifted, engaging in things they previously didn’t take or make time to enjoy. The internet was briefly flooded with images of plants and gardens, sourdough recipes, playful recreations of famous works of art, and links to socially-distant places to enjoy nature. As the world has re-opened, however, many of us seem to have once again filled our lives with a busy-ness that makes it difficult if not impossible to continue living a “slow” life. 

Photographer Viktoria Haack’s background and interest in anthropology, fine art, and conservationism shapes her relationship with her craft. She loves “slow photography,” an approach that is perhaps best summed up in her own words: “...tread lightly; observe and search out the subtle visual story...” Her incredible environmental portraiture reflects a distinct departure from taking snapshots in favour of creating stunning images that gently but persistently urge the photographer taking time to develop an intentional connection with both her subject and their location.

After a stint running in the rat race that threw her work-life balance off, she now chooses to set the pace for herself by being intentional with the projects she takes on. For the December Match Brief, Viktoria suggests Challengers embrace this opportunity to voluntarily enter life in the slow lane again, and create a mindful portrait, intentionally guided by the patience, empathy, and authentic connection only time and intent will permit.

Whether the image you submit is taken indoors or out, your submission must a) feature a human and/or domestic animal as the subject, b) contain a strong central element of the environment or environmental stewardship, and c) portray human connection and emotion.

Shooters, you have until 11:59 MST December 21, 2022 to submit your entry. Even if you ultimately end up submitting an image you’ve previously taken, we encourage you to spend some time enjoying life in the slow lane for this month’s Challenge!


TECHNICAL AND CREATIVE: portraiture, environmental portraiture; 
EDI: intent, mindfulness, human connection, slow photography, environmental stewardship, scale, nature, conservation.


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